Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems

In today's world, the reliability of our drinking water cannot be taken for granted. Whether sourced from a private well or supplied municipally, water quality can be compromised by various contaminants. While not all water is necessarily contaminated, unusual tastes, odors, or cloudiness may indicate impurities. Fortunately, there exists an advanced solution: a single reverse osmosis system that effectively purifies your home's drinking water.Ensure your family's access to clean, pure water for both drinking and cooking. The specialists at On Point Plumbing offer an extensive range of top-notch reverse osmosis filtration systems, seamlessly integrated with our water softeners to deliver pristine water throughout your home or business.With a reverse osmosis water filtration system installed by On Point Plumbing, you can effortlessly enjoy high-quality drinking water without the expense and environmental impact of bottled water. Say goodbye to concerns about water quality and embrace the convenience of purified water right from your tap.

Commercial Water Filtration
Navigating commercial water quality can be intricate, but On Point Plumbing is your trusted guide. We provide complimentary water testing and seasoned analysis of your water quality, empowering you with a comprehensive understanding of its composition.Once we grasp your commercial water objectives and assess your current water profile, we craft a tailored water purification system for your business. Leveraging cutting-edge water process technology, our experts ensure your business operates with consistently high-quality water.With pure, premium water coursing through your pipelines, you not only extend the lifespan of your plumbing but also mitigate water scale accumulation in your business's appliances and fixtures. On Point Plumbing offers a diverse range of  water products, including commercial-grade softeners, ensuring longevity and efficacy for your commercial water treatment system. Reach out to a commercial water specialist at On Point Plumbing today to elevate your water quality standards!

Professional Water Softener Repair Experts
On Point Plumbing delivers expert, premium water softener repair services in Brownwood and its adjacent areas. Our skilled plumbers excel in delivering exceptional repair solutions for a wide array of water softeners.We comprehend the frustration that arises when your water softener malfunctions unexpectedly. Hard water issues can lead to mineral accumulation in pipes, appliance damage, and unappealing stains on fixtures. At On Point Plumbing, we are dedicated to swiftly and effectively restoring your water softener, ensuring you can swiftly resume enjoying the advantages of softened water.
Hard Water Treatment
What exactly defines hard water? Hard water is characterized by its content of dissolved rock, typically limestone, or minerals like calcium, magnesium, and occasionally iron.  Water hardness varies within the city and throughout the state, contingent upon the concentration of calcium and magnesium in the water source. A straightforward test strip can reveal the level of hardness in your water. Often, homeowners are unaware of the presence of hard water or the detrimental effects it can have on their plumbing and appliances. Over time, the consequences of hard water become apparent in various ways, such as challenging cleaning processes, diminished water flow from faucets and fixtures, and reduced efficiency or malfunction of appliances.While hard water doesn't pose a health hazard, it can lead to expensive plumbing issues as scale from hard water accumulates in pipes and household appliances. The adverse effects of hard water may not become evident until plumbing or appliance problems arise, typically affecting water heaters or dishwashers. 
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